The Common Platform and True Circuits

GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM, and Samsung jointly developed the Common Platform (CP), an advanced technology platform based on a leading-edge process technology at 90nm, 65nm, 45nm and 28nm, with a roadmap to 14nm. With it, a single design can be manufactured at any of the three fabs. GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM and Samsung also collaborate with various EDA, IP and design services partners to offer a comprehensive and open ecosystem that allows customers to share IP and design rules and potentially reduce development costs.

True Circuits has been an active IP partner to the Common Platform since 2005, when it began a close technical association with GLOBALFOUNDRIES. True Circuits has since ported its family of standard PLL and DLL hard macros to the CP 90nm, 65nm and 28nm processes and developed test chips with GF in each variant of each process. True Circuits has performed extensive parametric testing on the 90nm, 65nm and 28nm IP in our silicon lab using state-of-the-art Agilent test equipment and silicon test reports are available upon request. Due to GDSII compatibility between CP technology manufacturers, this same IP can be made available at additional manufacturers upon request.

The entries in the tables below are links to individual datasheets for our standard PLL and DLL hard macros now available in the Common Platform 90nm, 65nm and 28nm processes. Downloadable versions of the individual datasheets have been added for your convenience. These standard products are also available in higher frequencies, smaller sizes, flexible form factors and full-custom versions upon request.

Over the years, TCI has delivered a wide range of PLL and DLL IP to GLOBALFOUNDRIES, IBM and Samsung customers. Please contact your foundry or TCI sales representative to find out how your products can benefit from the quality, performance and availability of our industry leading timing IP.

About the Common Platform

IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES and Samsung have broken new ground in the semiconductor industry with a unique collaboration focused on leading-edge, jointly developed digital CMOS process technologies and advanced manufacturing. As a result of the involvement of IDMs, systems companies, and foundries, the jointly developed processes bring a new level of system and application understanding to the silicon process. The Common Platform model is supported by a comprehensive ecosystem of design enablement and implementation partners from the EDA, IP and design services industries. Common Platform technology features 90nm, 65nm, 45nm and 28nm process technologies developed as part of a collaboration between IBM, GLOBALFOUNDRIES, Samsung and Infineon. Freescale has recently joined in the joint process development alliance (JDA) for the 45nm and 28nm technology nodes.

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