JSPICETM is a powerful simulation and design environment developed and used by True Circuits over the last 25 years to create complex analog and digital circuits. JSPICE is the basis for the world-class timing and DDR PHY IP that have made True Circuits an industry leading IP company. JSPICE has allowed True Circuits to manage every aspect of the definition, design, characterization, optimization and testing processes in a standardized, centralized and repeatable way. As a way of giving back to the global design community, JSPICE is now available for beta testing to a select group of users in preparation for a full commercial release.

JSPICE Product Brief

* Simulate with all foundry models
* Simulate with Verilog-A, C or behavioral models
* Run delay-accurate mixed-mode simulations
* Perform logic/arithmetic synthesis
* Perform Monte Carlo and timing analysis
* Run millions of simulations in parallel
* Cut design time to fraction
* Configured for AWSTM, AzureTM, Google CloudTM
* Experience the power of JSPICE environment


* JSPICE Core Simulator

* JSPICE Language Preprocessor
     > Fully parameterized circuits
     > C programming language
     > Multi-dimensional buses
     > Parameterized signal structures
     > Directed logic/arithmetic synthesis
     > MC and timing analysis/simulations
     > Full industry SPICE compatibility
     > User language extensions
     > Compiled/encrypted libraries, and more

* JSPICE Cloud Server
     > Extremely high bandwidth
     > Run simulations locally
     > Run seamlessly on the cloud

* Waveform analysis and sweep engine

* Data analysis/reduction environment

* Characterization with knowledge encapsulation

* Schematic based electrical checks

* General logic/arithmetic components libraries

* Full documentation

JSPICE makes it easy to express complicated circuits, run a large set of simulations in parallel, perform complex waveform analysis and reduce the results to a form easily understandable by the user, all leading to very rapid turnaround of circuit characterizations. Simulations can be run on local computers or in the cloud, or both as described below:

Single Simulation Flow

Simulation Sweep Flow

Characterization Flow

The JSPICE environment makes it easy for users to rapidly design circuits. The key to rapid design is being able to quickly build intuition by iterating through changes and receiving quick and complete characterization feedback. JSPICE makes it easy to quickly define complex circuits, add structural options for testing, define insightful measurements, run complete characterizations over PVT and operating conditions in minutes, and automatically reduce the results to easily understood metrics that promote understanding and allow the user to make definitive circuit changes that avoid optimization of a flawed design. Closing this iteration loop in minutes rather than hours or days is instrumental to rapid design.

The JSPICE language is a dramatically extended version of generic SPICE circuit descriptions, which also includes optimized support for industry SPICE simulator syntax. While the language can be used with schematic capture, it essentially makes it obsolete for efficient design. The language adds both extended syntax and the C programming language to make statements surprisingly expressive and clear. The language is compiled and supports precompiled objects for very fast access to large design libraries and data sets. It can generate not only generic SPICE output, but also Verilog, SDC constraints, LIB files, drive place and route flows for high-speed designs, and much more.

The JSPICE cloud server allows users to run single simulations or thousands in parallel with no additional effort. The server handles the task of scheduling simulation processes and transferring files and data to both local and cloud compute resources seamlessly. Local compute resources can be used efficiently for small jobs, while the cloud resources will be automatically allocated as needed within the user predefined limits.

Interested users, whether individuals, students or employees of companies, can submit an application at JSPICE Beta Test Application. The application process will ask users to agree to the terms of the beta test, including providing periodic feedback and participating in user forums. Initially a small set of users will be selected by True Circuits, at its sole discretion, to begin beta testing for a selected period of time. This set will be expanded later. Approved users will be provided the JSPICE software suite, user guidelines, related documentation and a True Circuits point of contact for user support and feedback.

For those attending the Design Automation Conference in San Francisco, July 10-12, 2023, we will be celebrating our 25th anniversary and are giving JSPICE presentations daily at 11:00 AM, 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM in our booth #1335.

Please register for a presentation day and time to learn more about this powerful platform and also become eligible for a prize at JSPICE DAC Presentation.

If you would like a private JSPICE demo at DAC, please register at JSPICE DAC Demo.

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